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Learn about all areas of photography or post-production at your own pace, whether you are a beginner or aspiring professional.
We have a wide variety of courses at affordable prices with 0% interest flexible payments.
Our wide range of online photography courses cover topics from beginners, intermediate to advanced. We also offer specialist courses such as portrait, wedding, studio, landscape, lowlight or speedlite.  There is even Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom courses – there is something for everyone.
Increase your confidence or change your career. This is an online experience that you are in control of with your unique login.

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We have a list of 14 courses to choose from for all abilities. Therefore, whether you are just picking up a camera or an aspiring photographer we have a course to suit you.
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Don’t just take our word for it, here are some reviews for photography course online.
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Great photography has the power to alter our thinking about almost anything.

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Are you wanting to improve your photography?

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Want to take better photographs of your family, friends or on holiday?

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You take some good photographs but lots of bad ones also?


We have a wide range of photography and post-production online courses for all levels. Each course is professionally designed to provide you with all the tools to improve your skills or turn professional.


The Beginners Digital Photography course is an ideal place to start if you are new to digital photography and want to get the most from your camera. This digital photography course is very practical; you will learn about all of the essential controls, modes and menu system to help you take great images.


Intermediate Digital Photography course offers the next level in your photography. Through a number of tailored exercises and tuition, you will explore key concepts of photography and develop a better understanding of how you can manually adjust the settings so that you can always frame and capture the image you are looking for regardless of the shooting conditions.


Adobe Photoshop is not an intuitive software for this reason, the Photoshop course starts from a basic level and by the end moves on to advanced functions such as layers, masks and batch processing. This course teaches about the functions and workflow to enable you to apply them to any of your photographic requirements.


Adobe Lightroom is not an intuitive software and for this reason this course will show how it differs from Photoshop. The Lightroom software can be quite confusing until you know how it works, so every section is broken down to help with understanding. The Adobe Lightroom course covers all of the main features in to enable you to use the software fully.
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Exposure and Metering

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Improving your flower photography

Soft even light on an overcast day compliments the delicacy which makes it easier to get a good exposure. The detail of the flowers is not lost which can happen on brighter days due to the increased contrast.
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Online Photography Course Video Introduction

Please watch this short video to learn how to navigate through the site and course.
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Learn about all areas of photography or post-production at your own pace, whether you are a beginner or an aspiring professional.
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