Natural Light Portrait Photography Course

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The advanced photography course covers more advanced areas in photography. These specialised areas are now available to purchase individually as short courses. These are more specialist subjects that are normally not covered by other courses.

The natural light portrait course – Is for whether you are looking to become a professional photographer or simply looking to take stunning family portraits. During this course you will gather a greater understanding of how to control light and how to identify great locations to shoot. In addition to this, and equally important, you will learn how to direct your subjects for more flattering poses.

The natural light portrait course will cover:

  • Different camera modes for portraits
  • Understanding and controlling exposure
  • Understanding reflective and incident readings
  • Exposure compensation when in difficult lighting situations
  • Different light conditions and how to control exposure
  • Types, quality and direction of light
  • Thinking of light when posing your subject
  • Lights effect on tonality
  • Accessing light and finding the best light for your subject
  • Golden hour
  • Reflectors
  • Focusing for portraits
  • Composition and framing the subject
  • Focal length with portraits and avoiding distortion
  • Finding backgrounds and framing your subject
  • Posing your model

Natural Light Portraits

Handout (55 pages) PDF File

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