December 16, 2021

Find an Online Photography Course

Photography Course Online is here!

Learn about all areas of photography or post-production at your own pace, whether you are a beginner or aspiring professional.

We have a wide range of photography and post-production online courses for all levels. Each course is professionally designed to provide you with all the tools to improve your skills or turn professional.

Learn at your own pace so that you have full control and are able to fit your learning around modern life. Courses are delivered using a wide range of materials, such as videos, handouts, practicals and exercises. These are structured so each element of photography and post-production is broken down in order gain full understanding.  There is also a tutor support email for when you need one-to-one support.

The emphasis is on learning by doing; handouts are given for all topics to allow you to review techniques after each session. Detailed videos and slides give additional explanations and can be paused or replayed when required.

Email: for an introductory voucher code!

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